Swedish beverage distributors and brand builders

There’s beauty in a brand as long as there’s a story to tell.

In the 18th century, Carl von Liné chose the Greek word “Agave”, which stands for noble, admirable, illustrious, to classify a plant.  A few centuries later we extend his classification for those spirits in search of the:


Spirits made by noble producers willing to disclose ingredients and production methods.


Spirits that stand out for their taste, smell and quality.


Spirits made by producers that work with a strong commitment to the environment and society.

Our offer for brand owners

AgavistaBrands is your partner in the Swedish domestic market.

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry we have an extent knowledge and vast network that we offer brands we love. Successful brand building comes out of teamwork and Agavista act as an active link between the producer, the distribution channels of the HORECA and Retail aiming to reach the heart of the end-customer.

Our rout to market is based on lean logistics, creative but methodical and measurable activities executed in cooperation with the different actors of the supply chain by a team of brand managers, sellers and brand ambassadors. Contact us if you are interested in joining the Agavista Portfolio!

  • Creative Team
  • Process oriented
  • 15+ years in the market
  • Listings in the Monopoly
  • Coverage of 87% of the potential HORECA-market through wholesalers
  • Two warehouses
    • EDI – Warehouse in Stockholm
    • Quick Delivery Warehouse for direct sales
  • A lot of nerdy love and passion for the industry

The Agavista promise for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

The Agavista Team is not the usual distributor.   We are passionate nerds!

Most of us are engineers with a crazy passion for spirits and the on-trade industry.

Our portfolio is based on a meticulous analysis.  We only choose producers that are truthful, passionate, honest and who have an outspoken respect for the environment, their workers and society. Thus, when you select any of our products, you know that we already have sifted among producers and launched an improvement plan with each supplier.  Working with us means counting with a different kind of supplier, who is also interested in experimenting with bars on new products.

  • A beautiful collection of products you will be proud to display in your menus and racks.
  • Continuous training for your staff
  • Swift deliveries and follow-ups
  • Continuous improvement in CSR and environmental issues with the providers.

Working with Agavista is having a team of our own in Sweden. Full transparency, full confidence!

Roberto Hidalgo, Casa Lumbre

Every time we hire someone new to our bar, Agavista turns him into an expert in fine spirits.

Andreas Forsberg, Eklund